How to remove your photo being misused on internet

How to remove your photo being misused on internet

It is always an option to approach the police and the process is often slow but the internet has facilities to help you do it yourself. Since these images and videos are often taken without the woman’s knowledge, it is highly improbable that they actually discover that their image has been misused. But when the victim does realise that this, the first thing she can do is to report the image. Every video and picture online- pornographic or even on social media can be taken down, the site has to mandatorily remove the picture within an hour.

How exactly do you go about it?



Approaching the local police is one option but this could be a time-consuming process. The other quicker option is to contact the owner of the site. Most websites follow a strict copyright infringement policy and will immediately take down the post. So, report it.

If you are unable to get in touch with the owner of the website one can find the contact on by just pasting the URL into the search box. In order to remove any search results of the pictures or videos on Google, one can simply contact Google to do the needful. move was taken to specifically to curb cyber crimes against women.

If the images are being shared on a blog, then the victim could access the following link-



Besides these options, all social networking sites have the option of “reporting abuse or misusing pictures”. A porn websites policy is also in place that allows the video to be removed 24-48 hours after the site owners are alerted about the issue.

However, the unfortunate part is you can never really be sure of completely getting rid of anything on the internet. Even if the victim did take immediate action and has the video removed, one can never be sure if another viewer downloads the video on a pen drive or other storage systems and puts it on another site. The cyber police couldn’t contain the ICloud celeb leak that happened a year ago because the material kept moving from one site to another.


There is, however, a way of finding out if your picture is online even before someone tells you. Google lets you search for an image in the public domain. This method will not work only if someone has a picture of your back and you upload a picture of your face. Otherwise, Google should be able to locate your pictures. You will be able to find out the origin of the picture too so you can do a clean sweep.

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