Google’s AI-based virtual assistant to come to Nougat and Marshmallow smartphones

Google’s AI-based virtual assistant to come to Nougat and Marshmallow smartphones

Google Assistant

G0ogle has announced that its voice controlled virtual assistant software Google Assistant will be rolling out on Android Nougat 7.0 and Marshmallow 6.0 devices as well. Google Assistant was exclusive to Google Pixel phones till now and the company announced few days ago that the software will be rolled out on other smartphones as well

“Your Google Assistant helps you get more done, in your world. And starting today, it’s rolling out to Android 7.0 Nougat and Android 6.0 Marshmallow devices with Google Play Services. To get started, touch and hold the Home button”, said Google in a blog post.

Google launched its Pixel smartphones in October last year, and one of its standout features apart from a rounded design and amazing camera, was its software. A phone by Google could offer the reliability and stability of an iPhone, for the software and hardware are optimized for each other, or simply put, made for each other as a part of designing from ground up. And it does.

The Google Assistant is artificial intelligence based software that learns and adapts its responses with your usage. Pixel deploys three microphones to hear you say the query and the Assistant looks it up both online and offline (searches the phone).

Google Assistant helped Pixel attain a distinguished space among high-end phones like the Samsung Galaxy S7. Soon after, rumours spread over the Internet that Samsung could be working on AI-based voice assistant of its own, which is now expected to come with its Galaxy S8 flagship and called Bixby. With Google extending its assistant software to other devices, Bixby has a fierce competitor before it hatches out.

The Google Assistant will begin rolling out this week to English users in the U.S., and later in Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom, as well as German speakers in Germany. Google says it will add support for more languages “over the coming year”. So there is still some time before you can expect the Google Assistant to be made available in India, though it is already available on the Pixel and the Pixel Plus here

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