Baby not burping? This 10 point formula may help make your baby burp

Baby not burping? This 10 point formula may help make your baby burp

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Are you worried by seeing your baby getting uncomfortable and fussy after being fed? The fussiness and uneasiness of your baby may be because of lack of proper digestion and trapped gas in the stomach

Babies intake air while being fed, which might get trapped in stomach and the bubbles which doesn’t release easily causes discomfort to the baby, making baby more fussy, here is a 10 point formula which may help the baby release those trapped air bubbles

  1. Don’t panic, know that babies not burping and vomiting is absolutely common unless it is coupled with fever, diarrhea, and projectile vomiting
  2. The uneasiness of baby is due to the air intake during feeding, if the babies are being fed by bottle then the chance of air intake is much higher than those of breast fed babies, so keep them upright and select the proper nipple size to avoid overflow of milk, if baby is being breast fed then latch them to breasts gently with proper comfort and support to their head and neck to reduce the air intake, usually the babies of mother’s who have abundant supply of milk are more prone to intake more air because of increased flow of milk which makes baby gulp and swallow
  3. After every feed and also before switching of sides (if being breast fed) it is helps to make baby burp by placing them over the shoulder, if baby doesn’t burp lie baby flat on back for a minute and then put on your shoulders again in this way the trapped air inside the stomach will release due to change of positions
  4. If it doesn’t help, then try releasing the trapped air bubbles by making baby lie flat on back and then move the legs back and forth slowly like cycling for a few seconds to release the air and then place the baby back on shoulder
  5. Digestive syrups for infants have not proven to be very effective so far, so if they do not seem to work consult your pediatrician again to stop it as it’s not worth continuing having medicines which aren’t helping
  6. Mother’s milk is the best medicine and best syrup, it fights every disease and develops immunity, so have confidence in yourself and have a positive frame of mind it will help
  7. Try to determine anything specific in your diet (especially diary products) which might be causing digestive issues and avoid it
  8. Keep yourself healthy and be on a good diet, it will certainly help your baby, regular workouts is absolute necessity
  9. Gripe Water can be effective if nothing helps baby’s digestive problem, but make sure it is free from alcohol and honey both aren’t recommended to infants
  10. If problem persists consult a pediatrician, also tell them the history if any of the parents suffer from acid reflux, usually if child is suffering from acid reflux then baby will have difficulty in drinking milk

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