Demonetisation: BJP bought land worth crores of rupees a week before note ban

Demonetisation: BJP bought land worth crores of rupees a week before note ban

The Bhartiya Janata Party reportedly bought crores of worth of land just days before Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s demonetisation announcement. According to reports by Catch News, the BJP, which is in power at the Centre bought several pieces of land in Bihar till the first week of November and stopped, just before the announcement for demonetisation was made by the Prime Minister. Catch News claims that it has access to at least 10 such property deals by the BJP workers for the party, a few of which were even brought on the behalf of the party President Amit Shah.

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Sanjeev Chaurasia, BJP MLA from Digha, told Catch News that the purchases were made in other states as well. He admitted that they were only the signatory authorities whereas the money for these transactions came from the party. He was on the belief that these transactions had been made for the party office among other objectives during the first week of November. Chaurasia said that the money was sent in different forms; cash, cheques etc. It was reported that the land was acquired by the party in Madhubani, Katihar, Madhepura, Lakhisarai, Kishanganj and Arwal among other cities and towns. According to Catch News, the size of these plots of land ranged from 250 sq ft to about half an acre, while the prices range between Rs 8 lakh to Rs 1.16 crore. The costliest plot was reportedly bought at Rs 1,100/sq ft.

Although, what seems more interesting is the people who have had these plots transferred in their names.

Amit Shah, National President of the Bhartiya Janata Party through Sanjeev Chaurasia who is the General Secretary of Bihar. One of the properties that have been transferred to him, was bought for Rs 60.13 lakh in Lakhisarai.

Sanjeev Chaurasia, General Secretary of the BJP’s Bihar unit has had a plot transferred to the address of 11 Ashoka Road, which happens to be the national headquarters of the BJP.

Lal Babu Prasad, vice-chairman of the BJP’s Bihar unit. His address is Village Arya Samaj Road Narkatiyaganj, PS- Narkatiyaganj, West Champaran.

BJP’s Bihar unit’s treasurer, Dilip Kumar Jaiswal. His address, in one of the contracts, is mentioned as Purabpali Road, PS – district Kisanganj, while another states it as 11 Ashoka Road.

There have been some cases, according to Catch News, where the recipient has been the BJP itself with the address of its national headquarters.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, onNovember 8 while making the announcement for demonetisation had said that the primary motive of the move was to take down the flow of black money. And it is open knowledge, supported by several economists that a lot of this black money exists in the form of real estate. Although, the speed at which these lands were bought and the timing of it do raise suspicions about the party’s policy

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