Saudi collects 145 mln riyals for Syrians in 1 day

Saudi collects 145 mln riyals for Syrians in 1 day

The total amount of donations collected by the Saudi popular campaign to aid the Syrian people has so far reached 143,100,000 Saudi riyals, according to Dr. Abdullah al-Rabeeah, the general supervisor of King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center.

Saudi Arabia’s King Salman had initially launched this humanitarian aid campaign on Tuesday to collect 100 million Saudi riyals ($27 million) to help Syrians.

King Salman donated 20 million riyals of his own money to the campaign, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Nayef had donated 10 million, and Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman had contributed 8 million.

“Donations were limited to money and we did not collect in-kind assistance, considering the distance between Saudi Arabia and Syria,” Rabeeah said, adding that they’re communicating with the concerned parties to deliver the donations to refugees.

“Collecting this big amount of money during a short period of time indicates the humanity of the Saudi people and their faith in standing by their Muslim brothers,” he also said.

Rabeeah added that the campaign ‘Together for Syria’s Relief’, will last for three days in the kingdom.

According to Rabeeah, the campaign is part of the aid and humanitarian programs the kingdom provides for Syrian refugees.
He added that the popular campaign will contribute to easing the Syrian refugees’ suffering during this winter season.

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