‘Not afraid of ABVP’: Students continue protests with strong message on their Facebook display pictures

‘Not afraid of ABVP’: Students continue protests with strong message on their Facebook display pictures

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Delhi University’s Ramjas college became nothing less than a battle ground a few days ago, when the ABVP started a violent protest against students who invited Umar Khalid, a Ph.D student leader from Jawahar Lal Nehru university for a seminar. While the incident brought to light the unlawful restrictions on freedom of expression and assembling in free spaces, it also brought students from different colleges and universities unite and vow solidarity against ‘fascist forces’. Through the powerful medium of social media, the students kept updating the rest of the world about the police’s inaction and ABVP’s hooliganism through Facebook Live videos and live updates. Now they have started a hashtag #StudentsAgainstABVP and are changing their profile pictures holding a placard with a strong message, in support for true democracy.

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Reportedly, a student of Lady Shri Ram college, Gurmehar Kaur, started the hashtag, calling others to join the protest and show support. Most of the placards say thus — “I AM A STUDENT OF ___ UNIVERSITY. I AM NOT AFRAID OF ABVP. I AM NOT ALONE. EVERY STUDENT OF INDIA IS WITH ME. #FIGHTBACKDU #STUDENTSAGAINSTABVP”

Even former students of the universities have joined the protests, speaking up against how impoverished the minds of the people who pelted stones on the students are. “This is our fight for democratization of our campus spaces! Reject Hooliganism,” wrote one of the protesting students on Facebook, who also saw their teachers being attacked during the violence.

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