Bribe Of ₹2.9 Lakh In New ₹2000 Notes Uncovered In Gujarat

Bribe Of ₹2.9 Lakh In New ₹2000 Notes Uncovered In Gujarat

One week into the controversial demonetisation drive initiated by the Modi government, two port trust officials in Gujarat allegedly accepted a bribe of ₹2.9 lakh in the new Rs.2000 notes.

In order to combat black money, the Centre scrapped ₹500 and ₹1000 notes, and introduced new currencies for which people have been queuing up in front of ATMs and banks for a week now. Many people have not managed to get their hands on any money even after standing for in line for hours.

NDTV reported today that the whole of the bribe amount of ₹2.9 lakh was in the new ₹2,000 notes, launched on November 11. Officials are reportedly stunned because the maximum amount which can be withdrawn by an individual in one week is ₹24,000.

The Indian Express reported earlier today that three employees of the Madhya Pradesh government were arrested in Bhopal for allegedly taking a bribe of ₹25,000, but that amount included only five new ₹2,000 notes


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