Protests against Donald Trump continue across US

Protests against Donald Trump continue across US

San Diego was one of several cities that saw anti-Trump rallies on Friday [Sandy Huffaker/Reuters]

Thousands of protesters have taken their frustration over Donald Trump‘s presidential election win onto the streets for a third straight night, following previous outbreaks of window-smashing and fire-setting.

Protests swept on Friday across the cities of Miami, Atlanta, Philadelphia, New York, San Francisco and Portland – where one protester was shot, voicing anger at Trump’s controversial campaign rhetoric about immigrants, Muslims and women

The unidentified man was wounded on Portland’s Morrison Bridge in the early hours of the morning, as he and other protesters crossed it during a demonstration.

Other small protests were held in Detroit; Minneapolis; Kansas City, Missouri; Olympia, Washington DC; and Iowa City.

In the Portland incident, police said in a statement that a man got out of a vehicle on the bridge where he confronted and then shot a protester, who was taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries. The suspect is still at large, police added.

Earlier in the night, protesters blocked traffic and threw objects at Portland police dressed in riot gear who responded with pepper spray and flash-bang devices. At one point, police pushed protesters back and appeared to take at least one person into custody, according to footage on a local NBC affiliate

Hundreds joined a so-called Love Rally on Friday afternoon in Washington Square Park in New York City’s Manhattan.

There were no reports of violence or arrests at the rallies, unlike on Thursday night when demonstrators in Portland threw objects, damaging new cars at a dealership.

Police there arrested at least 26 people.

Arrests in Los Angeles

In Los Angeles on Thursday night, police arrested about 185 people, mostly for blocking roadways or being juveniles out past curfew, according to police.

One officer was hospitalised for injuries suffered during the protest.

Anti-Trump demonstrators have voiced concerns that his presidency, due to start on January 20, would infringe on Americans’ civil and human rights

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