Donald Trump Worst than Voldemort: J.K. Rowling

Donald Trump Worst than Voldemort: J.K. Rowling

Trump as bad as Voldemort? That’s an insult to Voldemort: J.K. Rowling claims presidential hopeful’s call to ban Muslims from US makes him worse than the Dark Lord

J.K. Rowling has waded into the controversy surrounding Donald Trump – saying the presidential hopeful is worse than Voldemort.

The author took to Twitter to vent her fury at billionaire Trump, who yesterday proposed a ban on Muslims coming to America.

It sent Twitter into meltdown – with many comparing Trump to Harry Potter’s arch-nemesis – a comparison Rowling took offence to. A petition has even started to have Trump banned from the UK.

But author J.K. Rowling took against the comparison - stating unequivocally that Trump was worse 

‘How horrible,’ she wrote on Twitter. ‘Voldemort was nowhere near as bad.’

The tweet has been ‘favourited’ more than 38,000 times – and has garnered more than a few responses.

‘How could they be confused?’ tweeted David Griffith (‏@theplaguedoc).

‘One is a malevolent monster with legions of fanatics & none of his own hair. The other is a wizard.’

Will Hackney (@WRHackney) added:’President Voldemort is sounding a lot better than President Trump at this point.’

‘At least  Voldemort was an equal opportunity psychopath,’ wrote @Cafferkey_Sean.

While Rena (@Crimson_Silk) noted: ‘It’s a bit of an insult to Voldemort, tbh.’

It wasn’t long until the memes began either – with a picture of the Dark Lord wearing a wig, and a campaign poster for endorsing He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

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