As salam alaikum!

Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “Whoever, among you, sees something abominable should rectify it with his hand; and if he has not strength enough to do it, then he should speak against it; and if he has not strength enough to do it, (even) then he should (abhor it) from his heart, and that is the least of Faith.” Narrated by Muslim in his Sahih (Book No.1, Book Of Faith, Chapter no. 21 – Hadeeth No. 79).

In the pursuit to become at least a second class Muslim, We present to you a website which can help us in acquiring our goals. One of the biggest calamities which our Ummah is facing is the absence of a Powerful Islamic Media. A source, which can break the myths which are built up by the Islamophobic hate groups. The misinformation against Islam and Muslims is being bombarded daily in popular media sources, many times intentionally and sometimes unintentionally. This type of false propaganda and myths must be dealt and the misinformation must be cleared to build a healthy environment of peace throughout the world, as being skeptic about 1.2 billion individuals can never bring peace on any planet.

Our Non-Muslim brothers are being forced to believe that Islam promotes violence and Muslims are terrorists, as they are programmed with the news in a way which demonizes our community. The moment Muslim’s are a part of certain crime or terrorist activities the news is sensationalized to exaggerate it’s effect, the case with black sheep’s of other communities is ironically different. “The Muslim is guilty of a crime from the moment he is a suspect and Non Muslim is guilty of crime only after he is convicted”. Guilty till proven innocent is being applied to Muslims, innocent till proven guilty remains elusive to Muslim world. If we were to draw inferences by watching only the popular media without assessing the events then we will be forced to believe that Muslims are indeed the guilty party, but if one compares the events and scrutinize the facts and stats then picture will be quite clear, that every community has its own black sheep. To demonize one particular community for some political and economic gains is devilish.

If a Muslim commits any crime then the media keeps on repeating that news for a week at least, and all the major media sources throughout the world reports that, but if a Non Muslim commits the same crime its presented without any background score or at a place where you are unlikely to read it & foreign media choose to ignore that. Admitting that there are cases when crimes of Non Muslims are reported but it’s rare and very less compared to the other side. If a terrorist who happens to be a Muslim is caught in USA then whole world reports it, and Muslims are forced to be apologetic about the criminal. But Breiviks are made to appear as lunatic, mad and isolated. Terrorism by anyone from any community is a threat to peace, as “Injustice anywhere in the world is a threat to Justice everywhere”. Terror and Terrorism, Killings, wars and torture has no religion and has not benefited anyone ever. All the great achievements were due to the peace via dialogue.

To change the scenario, to regain the rights and to have justice we first need to know what’s going on with us. Every event has history behind it, if taken out of context everything seems to be implausible. If we are aware of the events and things that are taking place and its realities along with other possibilities and dimensions then we can convey to our Non Muslim brothers the truth and facts which can help in reducing the tensions around the globe.

Most of you Alhamdulillah are aware of the situation and the events that occur, but there are few Muslims who are unaware of the realities, and hence they are falling into the propaganda of media, thus blaming Muslims for the events which have no concern with Muslims. The negative thinking about Muslims has developed not only in Non-Muslims but in various Muslim circles too.

Dear brother’s, to remove the misconceptions, efforts of each individual is required. We just felt the need to have information regarding the events that’s takes place in Islamic world at one place, as the oppression which Muslims face is largely ignored by the media and if you have doubt then please keep logging in http://www.islamicnewsdaily.com its very sad that so much incidents gets unreported or falls under under-reported category. Alhamdulillah there are few Islamic websites which are giving news related to Islamic world. But these sites do not report every major event or affair with Muslim perspective, which is important and sometimes important reports are missed & also they do not have archives. Sometimes there are few reports which are not true, in spite of knowing that they are not true they are forced to publish those events. Citing these hurdles, we decided to open a website where we can have an archive and can access most of the information from different news sites at one place, as many times the Islamic news websites miss some important events, i.e. few websites report few incidents and few other websites reports the other events. So to make it easy we have started to gather the news (Only related to Islamic World) from these sites and post it in one place, as today people don’t have so much time to keep track of news on all website and keep themselves updated.

The main advantage which we felt to go for this kind of site is, bits and pieces of true news & news of oppression which Muslims are facing appears in various popular media outlets, but this info is quickly disappearing and being placed in briefs (nor its publishers want it to get noticed either) so that it doesn’t have an impact. If the same content is placed at one place daily, then results are bound to have impact. As every individual cannot afford to look into many sites and gather the Islamic news which can be useful as it takes much time, but if some can take out time and gather it in one place then the time of many can be saved.

This website is not to demonize or blame any particular community/country/philosophy, neither we wanted to hide the misdeeds of people who are terrorists and who call themselves as Muslims, rather our aim is to compare and neutralize the effect which mainstream (Lame stream) media creates. The objective is to highlight the news which is useful for Muslims in presenting to their Non Muslims brothers and sisters, events that are being under reported and ignored in popular media.

Every piece of news you get is verifiable as we are just quoting the popular Media sources thereby increasing the authenticity. The information gathered here is not to infringe upon the copy rights of others, neither its purpose is to make money. It’s more of a personal collection of the data.

It’s a humble attempt to demystify the things and events going around us everyday which are fed to us with lies to dilute, misconstrue and create a negative picture of Islam and Muslims especially! If you want to know the truth about the daily sufferings, realities and events around the globe then you are in the right place!

May Allah help us in gaining the true picture and clear insight in everything – Ameen!



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